Missha Time Revolution The First Essence 5X


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A K-beauty best-seller, the Time Revolution The First Essence 5X is our fifth-generation leading essence. Formulated with 97% Desert Cica Yeast Ferment, this firming, brightening essence helps maintain skin pH balance, and delivers dense moisture while offering basic strength care.

Pure, potent skin-nourishing ingredients provide eight key skincare benefits: clarity, moisture, skin tone, texture, soothing, smoothness, hyperpigmentation, and protection. Ingredients are fermented with the EXTREME FERMENT α™ Method, a unique three-step fermentation technology that stably delivers an extreme boost of active ingredients to the skin.

pH of 5.5. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors, parabens, sulfates, animal products, alcohol, mineral oils, essential oils, or silicone.

*Time Revolution The First Essence 5X is clinically proven to improve skin tone, texture, and moisture within 14 days of use.

Recommended for: normal, sensitive, dull, dry or aging skin

Size: 150 ml / 5.07 fl. oz.

Fermented Cicaenzyme (Yeast) Extract: a mixture of flavonoids, vitamins, and amino acids that contain a high concentration of antioxidants to thoroughly balance and moisturize dehydrated skin, tone uneven or dull skin, soften fine lines and reduce the visible signs of aging

Niacinamide: known for its brightening and smoothing properties, helps skin look and feel healthier, restores skin’s natural support system, and stimulates collagen production for smoother, firmer skin

Ceramide NP and Glycerin: two ingredients that work together to hydrate skin and support its crucial protective moisture barrier

Make this the first step in your skincare routine. Dampen a cotton pad with the essence, or pour a generous amount of the essence onto your palms. If using a cotton pad, wipe the pad along your skin. If using your hands, gently pat the product into your skin. Gently use your hands to absorb any remaining product into your skin.

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